SD boot freeze, hang at boot time, why ?

Marian Flor deichkind.08 at
Mon Dec 1 22:37:17 CET 2008

Am Montag, den 01.12.2008, 03:15 +0100 schrieb Maelvon HAWK:

> Testing the Marian solution, I've modified the NAND boot, added the 
> "sleep 2;" but on NAND boot it say now :
> <boot>
> Failed to mount ext2 filesystem...
> ** Bad ext2 partition or disk - mmc 1:1 **
> Wrong image format for bootm command
> ERROR: can't get kernel image!
> </boot>

Hi Maelvon,

from a distance I would guess the filesystem on your first partition
(/dev/mmcblk0p1) is vfat and not ext2.

Have a close look at the, check the line with
rootfstype=... from the first entry (after bootcmd=...). 

It should read (change it to): rootfstype=vfat requires a fat partition for the first partition.
Debian on FR in contrast has discontinued booting from fat [1].

As the was written for Debian on FR [2] the script
does not honor vfat boot partitions. See [1] for discussion (follow the
links to the Debian issue tracker and the smartphone-userland ML).



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