Android rootfs image?

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Tue Dec 2 03:22:19 CET 2008

Jeroen van de Nieuwenhof wrote:
> I installed Android on my Freerunner a few weeks ago, but changed back 
> to Qt-Extended later. Now i want to install Android again but the rootfs 
> image isnt available anymore at 
> . I guess this is because the mp3 patent issue.
> Are there other images of Android available at the moment?

A new image is coming at:

More from Sean's words in devel list:
> I am uploading a new rootfs.jffs as I type. It will take a few hours
> with my slow connection :(
> The issue with patents is causing great pain. Android is setup to either
> build with all of Packet Videos opencore, or to eliminate it. If
> eliminated, then the media playback and record cannot work as it uses
> Packet Video in a JNI interface. Building a partial opencore library is
> also quite difficult. I can't just eliminate particular codecs as they
> are static libraries with lots of dependencies.
> So, media handling is broken at the moment. You will see that it tells
> you in logcat it is out of memory, but that is just a bogus error. I am
> still working to fix it.


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