[QTEXTENDED] Very loud noise on (some) incoming calls

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Tue Dec 2 16:43:54 CET 2008

> QTE provides alsactl, from what I can see. But what state file should
> I restore? I never saved any...

no need to -- you've already got a collection.
if all else fails, simply search your filesystem for files ending with  
.state, but the list archive should provide several postings with that  
path even for qtopia look for "echo" or "buzz" in august/september.

as long your states are the original ones the default should be  
stereoout.state, enabling the big lower speaker. for calls  
gsmhandset.state should be loaded; gsmheadset.state or headset.state (not  
sure about the differences) should disable even the little speaker on top.

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