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Hello All,

The UK Distributor recently posted up a price update as a Tax has been
reduced there. The post mentioned Christmas presents which got me thinking.

I'm very concious of the new waters that OpenMoko are charting, by
producing a high volume OpenSource Hardware device. I'm also concious of
the fact that they'll maybe need some of my money to fund their design
and development, of new platforms/toys for me. Unfortunately even when
the GTA03 comes out I'll probably not be able to justify another phone.

I recently bought an Ubuntu T-Shirt and was thinking that if OpenMoko
could throw together a simple design and people were interested in a
quality garment at the price that's right???

Just a thought and perhaps a bit late for Christmas. I wonder would
people be interested? Maybe if a few hundred people respond to this
email that would be a heavy load on this mailing list, so DON'T ;-) but
perhaps there would be some other way of gauging people's interest?

Could somebody official in OpenMoko respond to this email and perhaps
indicate whether the company would be interested in this idea and
perhaps some way of gauging if the community is interested? Perhaps
somebody in the Community could design a cool subtle OpenMoko garment?

Just a thought. They can't all be good ones! ;-)
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