Dale Maggee antisol at
Wed Dec 3 10:15:40 CET 2008

>> Just out of curiosity, how many OpenMoko users out there would be
>> willing to pay for bounties? Additionally, how many developers would
>> work for bounties? What sort of bounties would you guys request? How
>> much would you pay?

I would certainly pay bounties.

The only problem I see really is that there are many issues which are 
wrapped up together.

For example, I'd happily pay AU$100 to have rock-solid with all the 
basic phone functionality, but for me this means suspend / resume, no 
echo, a simple (as in easy to use and understand) graphical volume 
control which can be adjusted during calls and automatically saves 
changes to the appropriate state file, PIM database and PIM 
synchronisation, Tasks / Calendar / alarms.

 From a user's perspective, these are kind of one big compound issue 
which I'd call "give me equal functionality / reliability to a cheap 
nokia", whereas from a developer's perspective they're many small and 
widely diverse things that need to be done / improved.

I certainly think it could be worth somebody setting up a bounties 
website, I believe I've seen similar things in the past...


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