Evgeny Karyakin anthropophagite at
Wed Dec 3 10:29:27 CET 2008

> The only problem I see really is that there are many issues which are
> wrapped up together.
> For example, I'd happily pay AU$100 to have rock-solid with all the
> basic phone functionality, but for me this means suspend / resume, no
> echo, a simple (as in easy to use and understand) graphical volume
> control which can be adjusted during calls and automatically saves
> changes to the appropriate state file, PIM database and PIM
> synchronisation, Tasks / Calendar / alarms.
>  From a user's perspective, these are kind of one big compound issue
> which I'd call "give me equal functionality / reliability to a cheap
> nokia", whereas from a developer's perspective they're many small and
> widely diverse things that need to be done / improved.
> I certainly think it could be worth somebody setting up a bounties
> website, I believe I've seen similar things in the past...

   Looks sane. As virtually everybody want what you just enumerated,
these $100-200-300-more(?) can be collected from large crowd of
Openmoko users. Written once -- used by many. And yet it doesn't
violate open source/development spirit.

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