bootloader & contacts

arne anka openmoko at
Wed Dec 3 11:02:45 CET 2008

> now, i've got 2 other problems. if i restart my moko, the bootloader
> hangs up and i see just the splashscreen.

booting what? and from where?

> did someone know anythin about? my workaround is to press the aux-key
> and then select boot. i think also, it's just, if the usb-cable is
> connecting to the computer, but i didn't check it exactly.

maybe you should check your nand boot env?

> the other thing, which is a smaller problem, how could i delete every
> contact with one or two clicks in qtextended 4.4.2? if i must delete
> every contact by hand, i had a day or more ;) which sqlite-file is
> just for the contacts? (i've found 2 files, maybe there are more?) or
> is there a possibility by the system?

not hint on the file, but there's a plugin for firefox that allows opening  
sqlite files with a gui


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