[OM2008.x] praise for the new testing image

Vasco Névoa vasco.nevoa at sapo.pt
Wed Dec 3 11:43:52 CET 2008

I've followed the "community update" tip and upgraded from OM2008.8  
"stable" to "testing". After a little havoc caused by the previously  
installed gsm0710muxd, I finally got it to work on the GTA02v5.
I've only had it for a day now, but already I am very pleased with the  
Reduced boot time, volume control during calls, and apparently a very  
well optimized energy consumption (still evaluating that).
"Jolly good show, lads"!! :D
Keep hacking that kernel, you're definitely in the right track now. ;)
I can't wait for WiFi to get on track... :)

My only gripe is the absence of Raster's keyboard, that I haven't been  
able to recover after the update... what's the magic there?

Happy Hacking,


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