andy-tracking kernel?

Nelson Castillo nelsoneci at
Wed Dec 3 17:27:05 CET 2008

On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 10:30 AM, Christopher J. White
<chris at> wrote:
> I've seen a lot of references to the "andy-tracking" kernel.  A search
> of archives yields some info about this with regard to a shift to the
> 2.6.27 kernel.  However, I've not been able to really understand what's
> in it, or what the current state of the kernel is.
> Would someone mind elaborating a little on a few points:
> 1.  Is this generally available?  If so, where?

Right now the kernel is bigger than 2MB, and you have to either use Qi
as the boot loader (it's still under heavy development now but some
people use it) or use U-Boot. For U-boot check:

I read this kernel will be smaller when it becomes the stable kernel
(with a recommended configuration for distributors).

You might want to read this email:

> 2.  I'm currently running Debian with the stock kernel that gets put in
> place by the script.  Can I use this kernel with Debian?
> There are caveats on the Debian pages about using other kernel, so has
> anyone used this with Debian successfully?

I don't know. Some paths have changed in /sys and some user-space
tools will have to change. I don't know how this affects Debian.


> 3.  What do I get with it?  What is at risk?

I've hear that it has better suspend/resume support. It has some improvements
but I don't know about all of them.

> Thanks... I apologize if this info is out there somewhere, but I have
> spent a significant amount of time digging through past threads, and I'm
> just not getting a complete picture.

To build from sources you need to:

 git clone git:// linux-2.6
 git-checkout --track -b local-andy-tracking origin/andy-tracking
 git-pull # it should be up to date
 cd linux-2.6
 cp ./arch/arm/configs/gta02-moredrivers-defconfig .config

There's a "build" script that you can run.

You need to install a toolchain to build it. For instance, in the
build script I use:
export CROSS_COMPILE="ccache

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