First impressions on new Android rootfs

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Wed Dec 3 18:34:40 CET 2008

Warren Baird wrote:
> I agree Android looks like it has a lot of promise - but if you want a
> functioning phone today - I'd suggest trying out QtExtended 4.4.2 - it
> doesn't give you much more than basic phone functionality, but I've been
> using it as my day-to-day phone for a month now, and am generally pretty
> happy with it...
> Warren

Qtopia is one of the two things I didn't try, SHR being the other. I gave up
on the rest because of the unresponsive interfaces, poor battery life,
terrible remote echo (tried everything I could find), refusal to wake up in
a timely fashion on incoming calls etc. I was also discouraged by the
prominence of "we should work on stuff for GTA03" comments on the lists.

I now have a cheap sony-ericsson for the sake of my sanity, so I'll wait
until android or other distro can provide a bit more than basic phone
functions, or at least do it better than what I have. Android looks like it
could be the quickest route to solving most of the issues and the echo was
gone straight away. i know I ought to get off my a*se and help, but after
the dayjob I don't have much appetite for coding and debugging right now.

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