Ben Hussey brettjamin at
Wed Dec 3 18:45:14 CET 2008

This site looks like what we should start using.  I'd be willing to add 
money to a bounty for several things - a good integrated media player, 
decent volume control, wifi that 'just works', etc.

Timo Juhani Lindfors wrote:
> "Sargun Dhillon" <xbmodder+openmoko at> writes:
>> Just out of curiosity, how many OpenMoko users out there would be
>> willing to pay for bounties? Additionally, how many developers would
>> work for bounties? What sort of bounties would you guys request? How
>> much would you pay?
> How about using for this?
>   "Cofundos helps to realize open-source software ideas, by providing
>    a platform for their discussion & enrichment and by establishing a
>    process for organizing the contributions and interests of different
>    stakeholders in the idea."
> It's bit like or
> but geared towarads FLOSS.

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