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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| I was considering starting to use the Neo as a daily phone, so I need to
| dualboot.
| Are there anything special I need to consider to make the partitioning
| compatible with future Qi bootloader?
| I thought of making a few smaller partitions for different kernels and a
| few larger of different rootfs + one large for my personal data.
| But that will mean more than 4 partitions. Will logical partions work
| just as well with Qi? Are there any special order which is better?
| Or will I have wipe all systems and start over when Qi arrives?

No Qi is adapatable to existing common partition schemes on uSD.

What it does is look in first three uSD partitions in turn for ext2 / 3
filesystem, if it finds one and /boot/uImage-GTA02.bin in there it will
pull it in and try to boot it.  If none of those worked out, on GTA02
anyway it will try to boot from NAND kernel similar to U-Boot (except Qi
studies the image and pulls the correct length of NAND for any size kernel).

If it sees a FAT partition it'll just skip it for consideration for
booting and try the next one.

On GTA03 it'll be a similar deal except it looks for
/boot/uImage-GTA03.bin, it means you can isert the same uSD and
filesystems on multiple kinds of device and it will pull the correct
kernel for that device.

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