First impressions on new Android rootfs

wp wpmaillist at
Thu Dec 4 00:19:05 CET 2008

Thanks for providing an image.
Few words from me:
I'm able to make calls, but it's rather hard to hear other person in a
speaker (he does hear me very well, no echo issue).
After receiving a message (yep, it works) I lost contact with my gsm
network, so I can't answer. Reboots did not work, i'm reflashing right
Couldn't find my wifi network, but it maybe my router's issue.
Resume from a suspend does not work.
Browser and few apps too, but it's not high prioritaire right now, I think ;)
Everything beside that - is great! Thanks and waiting for more ;)

ps. After reflashing, I still don't have a gsm connection. After
reinserting sim, I've got a connection and lost it again. Some
problems here..

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