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Minh Ha Duong wrote:
> Le mercredi 03 décembre 2008, arne anka a écrit :
>>>> The second option is more like it. It takes a few hours to design a
>>>> T-Shirt
>>>> and upload it to an online store where everybody else can go and buy
>>>> it. So
>>>> just do it: the entry costs are so low that there is no real need for a
>>>> formal market study !
>>> There may be trademark issues, better clear that with OpenMoko first!
>> not only that.
>> didn't the op intend to propose a way for _openmoko_ to earn more money?
>> while anybody might donate artwork, the actual distribution has to be done
>> on behalf of openmoko -- or more reasonably by openmoko itself.
> Rui: There are lots of cool artwork under a Cc: license on the wiki including 
> the hardware schematics and : 
> Copyright are not an issue, please. No company will give you a blanket 
> agreement to use their name as you please in any derivative product, but no 
> company will deny fans the right to make T-Shirts with their name on it, if 
> you show them specific T-Shirts design.
> Arne: OpenMoko made it clear that they were not into selling derived products 
> (I can't bother to find the post, that was a few months ago.).
> Cordially,
> Minh

Thanks for the info all,
    as Arne correctly spotted I was only interested in helping fund
global domination, which does not come for free. I can design my own T
Shirt and have it made but benefit to OM = Zero. Not interested in this
at all. If OM have made it clear they are not into derived products then
that answers the question I asked and the subject is closed.

Thanks again, like I say not all ideas can be winners ;-) or should that
be :-(
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