First impressions on new Android rootfs

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at
Thu Dec 4 05:24:03 CET 2008

Rui Castro wrote:
> The workaround to boot the uImage-tracking kernel from uBoot (setenv
> bootcmd setenv ... ; saveenv) works, but when I poweroff neo and try
> to boot again it doesn't work anymore; I have to do the hack again.
> Maybe I'm doing something stupid here. It's the first time I mess with
> uBoot shell.

Are you editing NOR or NAND uBoot? You have write access only to NAND...

> I tried to make a jffs2 image from koolu source code, but I had no
> luck. I compiled the sources successfully with "make
> PRODUCT_TARGET=freerunner", then I tried to create a jffs2 image
> following a very simplistic and probably wrong approach:
> 1. Created a directory newandroidfs,
> 2. Extracted the contents of out/target/product/freerunner/ramdisk.img
> to that directory, using file-roller,
> 3. copied the files under out/target/product/freerunner/system to /system,
> 4. created a symlink /etc to /system/etc and a directory /sdcard (like
> I saw in Sean's image)
> 5. and created a jffs2 image with the contents of the directory
> newandroidfs using the command "mkfs.jffs2 --pad=0x700000 -o
> newandroidfs.jffs2 -e 0x20000 -n -dnewandroidfs/"
> Outcome of all this, red light flashing!!! It's kernel panic, right? :(

It should be...
Btw another way for getting working images, I guess that should be using
the Sean's image as base and then putting there only the files you've
changed with your patches after a recompilation...
Would it work?

> If someone (have no ideia who :) ) did a simple tutorial about how to
> produce the precious jffs2 image, that would make the testing of new
> features a lot simpler.

I'm asking this too :P

> Well, I'm sure we will have a working image to show off the new phone
> on the weekend ;)

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