First impressions on new Android rootfs

Gothnet openmoko at
Thu Dec 4 12:09:29 CET 2008

Got the thing booting, finally, by using my universal charger. I guess the
problem now is that when it gets too low it'll just shut itself down, even
with the charger attached.

I'm running uImage-tracking and the rootfs with the keyboard now.

Rui Castro wrote:
> My keyboard has some obvious problems, the letter/number/symbols keys
> are too small 

If you have fingernails the buttons just about work, could definitely be
wider though.

Rui Castro wrote:
> I have been able to boot with kernels uImage-android and
> uImage-tracking, but both are very unstable. The suspend/resume don't
> work reliably in any of them. With uImage-tracking, the only one I
> could get to work for some time, bluethooth works, gsm works
> sometimes, wifi works but it doesn't detect my wireless network (WPA)
> and it doesn't shutdown.

I noticed the same stuff, and in addition to this the UI seems less
responsive than it was in previous releases. The smoothness of bringing up
the app menu is just not quite as good as before, which is a shame. The
suspend/resume is better than last time around, and any keyboard is a good
start, but we're not quite there yet. OTOH, it seems to be a matter of
glueing the firmware to the hardware successfully, rather than fundamental

Rui Castro wrote:
> The workaround to boot the uImage-tracking kernel from uBoot (setenv
> bootcmd setenv ... ; saveenv) works, but when I poweroff neo and try
> to boot again it doesn't work anymore; I have to do the hack again.
> Maybe I'm doing something stupid here. It's the first time I mess with
> uBoot shell.

I did things the long way round, downloading the uboot env with dfu-util,
editing it and then re-uploading (see previous post on what to do with
borked uboot env).

Mostly did this because neither of my debian systems at home wanted to bring
up any /dev/ttyACM  or /dev/ttyUSB or whatever interfaces and I couldn't
access the shell. Have booted this way several times, so you may want to
give it a try.

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