First impressions on new Android rootfs

KaZeR kazer at
Thu Dec 4 12:52:02 CET 2008

Gothnet wrote:
> I've also discovered a new feature in the image since my last post.
> Plugging it into my windows box to charge makes the box bluescreen. Not
> only when booted, but if it's plugged in then the OS bluescreens
> differently during startup. Yay!

Feature? :)

I have the exact same issue. But if i plug it into a collegue's box who
hasn't the usb driver, it doesn't crash.

The major issue i encounter right now is that the gsm doesn't register.. It
worked 12 hours ago with another kernel (i was able to make a call without
echo, and acceptable sound quality (level a bit too low)).
Right now i'm using uImage-android downloaded one hour ago.

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