TwitterMoko 0.4 out

Carlo Minucci gecco at
Thu Dec 4 16:18:10 CET 2008

Joachim Breitner ha scritto:

(sorry for my bad ensligh)

>  * Please use a proper (using the python distutils) to 
>    install your files into the proper locations. See 
>    as an example.
>  * Using this, you can create proper and consistent tar-balls
>    using "./ sdist". Make sure that you set the version number
>    corresponding, and check that all required files are included.

ok... i'm looking it tomorrow

> Additionally, while reading through your code, I’m wondering (please
> don’t take this personally): Does TwitterMoko have any advantages over
> existing projects such as twitux? What are it’s distinct features? Is

there is not a package of twitux for openmoko, and i'm not know how to 
recompile. i talk about om2008 and SHR

> there a good reason to fork and launch curl for each access, passing all
> parameters via the commandline and possibly not fully escaped, and
> blocking on the output of curl, instead of using some asynchronous http
> library directly?

yes... when i code i have use libcurl in my computer but after i have 
see there is not the package python-pycurl for om2008

> Also, the config should be saved in, say ~/.twittermoko.cfg, instead of
> a global place, and probably created with mode 660 (who knows, someone
> might actually have a guest ssh login to his FreeRunner :-)

this is a very good idea! in the next release...

> I hope this does not discourage you from working on TwitterMoko, but
> give you some hints on how to improve it – but I think befor inclusion
> in Debian, things have to evolve a litte bit.

mhh... i don't know... :)
i have start to code twittermoko because i have not found a client for 
om2008 :) only this

see you

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