Where can I find this game?

Aapo Rantalainen aapo.rantalainen at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 09:45:40 CET 2008

I tested openTTD in last summer on my Debian freerunner. Then it needs
one-mouse-button-patch, but I think it is now merged to official.
(somewhere in options-menu).
Game was playable, when TransportTycoon deluxe was released all
monitors are 640x480.
Network-multiplaying works. Sound effects works, midi-audio didn't work.

Packaging it is hard, because it needs propriety-data-files. (ok,
debian etc. has packed it) But they are making also gpl-ed data-files,
I do not know how ready this project is.

-Aapo Rantalainen

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