[gentoo] tslib: Unknown event type 0

Łukasz Holetzke lukasz.holetzke at gmail.com
Sat Dec 6 11:10:40 CET 2008


someone uses gentoo here?

I've run into problems with the touchscreen and x11-input-tslib on gentoo.
First - the pointercal data, which i've copied from om-2008.09 is not
valid - I trying to 'repair' this manually - changing numbers, got so
far the y-axis (is there any software to do it better?).

Next, if i touch the screen or move with finger/stylus over the screen:
tslib: Unknown event type 0

The worst thing that the tslib is stoping any other processes running
on o Xorg if I don't touch the screen.
For exapmle if I start X with xfce4, don't touch the screen wait some
time and kill X im getting always:
waiting for X server to shut down xf86TslibControlProc

X waits only for tslib, no xfce or other processes.


Łukasz Holetzke

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