[gentoo] tslib: Unknown event type 0

Damien Thébault damien.thebault at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 06:05:07 CET 2008

2008/12/6 Łukasz Holetzke <lukasz.holetzke at gmail.com>:
> someone uses gentoo here?

Yes, there's a project on projects.openmoko.org too (with a mailing-list and
everything ;)):

> I've run into problems with the touchscreen and x11-input-tslib on gentoo.
> First - the pointercal data, which i've copied from om-2008.09 is not
> valid - I trying to 'repair' this manually - changing numbers, got so
> far the y-axis (is there any software to do it better?).

Last time I tried, I think it was working with the following values:
390 38240 -4332684 -51177 -123 47146512 65536

> Next, if i touch the screen or move with finger/stylus over the screen:
> tslib: Unknown event type 0

I had this problem the first time, the fix was a little patch, now available
on the gentoo at openmoko overlay:


I think that the driver is not telling that EV_SYN is available in its
capabilities bits,
so tslib doesn't recognize EV_SYN events (EV_SYN is event type 0 according to
http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Accelerometer_data_retrieval ).

A better fix would be check why it is done this way and do this right in the
driver (maybe my analysis is wrong too, it needs to be checked).
It may be interesting to see how this is done in other distributions too.

And there's a patch in mokomakefiles called tslib-input_raw-grab_events.patch
that may be interesting to use too.

Damien "tuXXX" Thebault

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