wifi using GUI in 2008.9

Peter Nijs peter at familienijs.be
Sun Dec 7 12:13:54 CET 2008


The wiki says that I can use the gui in the settings-application to even 
connect to a wpa2 protected network. Now I tried that with an open network 
and it works. (except for rerouting, which I still have to do using terminal. 
It also thinks it failed even when it succeeded.) But I was never able to 
connect to my protected network, probably because I type in the PSK wrong. 
Isn't there a way to preload the neo with the key via ssh in a config file? 
Because having to type it is really a pain in the rear. Also I have noticed 
the gui doesn't store the password, but maybe it's because it thinks the 
connection failed.

I want to use the gui because it otherwise seems to interfere with mofi or 
lint (or the ifup, wpa_supplicant). It is also the nearest to usable tool to 
connect to a network. The only things I would like to see improved are:
-a config, or config files for each AP
-reroute through eth0
-know when it is connected and don't say it failed when it succeeded.

In a further stadium 802.1x would be nice.

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