[gentoo] tslib: Unknown event type 0

Sven 'sleipnir' Rebhan odinshorse at googlemail.com
Sun Dec 7 13:57:31 CET 2008

2008/12/6 Łukasz Holetzke <lukasz.holetzke at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> someone uses gentoo here?

Yes, I do. :-)

> I've run into problems with the touchscreen and x11-input-tslib on gentoo.
> First - the pointercal data, which i've copied from om-2008.09 is not
> valid - I trying to 'repair' this manually - changing numbers, got so
> far the y-axis (is there any software to do it better?).

You can use the command "ts_calibrate" to determine the calibration
parameters for your screen.

> Next, if i touch the screen or move with finger/stylus over the screen:
> tslib: Unknown event type 0

As Damien already said, please use our overlay and report back any
problems or difficulties to the bugtracker!

Best regards,


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