Openttd is now in!

Sander van Grieken sander at
Sun Dec 7 14:19:30 CET 2008

On Sunday 07 December 2008 13:30:14 Robert Schuster wrote:
> Hi Aapo,
> Aapo Rantalainen schrieb:
> > Openttd is now in!
> I would like it better if the bitbake recipe changes can be moved into OE.

That's theory. In practice, you submit the recipe plus patches in OE 
bugtracker and then it's forgotten about.

I submitted 2 games there a couple of months ago and they're still not merged, 
and thus not available to the openmoko community, except in binary form from

I'd say, submit new recipies to the OM bugtracker instead of OE, maybe there's 
more chance they'll get merged.


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