OMoney Milestone 1

Thomas Bumbl bumbl3x3 at
Sun Dec 7 19:30:07 CET 2008

I'd like to announce the initial release of OMoney!
OMoney ... bookkeeping on the go.
One might ask, why the hell do we need a bookkeeping software on a phone?
Because my experience shows that if one does not record the gains and
expenses one forgets half of them.
And ... Because we can.

As OMoney is one of those "release early, release often programs"
milestone 1 at the moment includes "only" the following corefeatures:
 * Displays the current available amount of money
 * One can do transactions to add and deduce money
    * Automatic keyboard call
 * A history table which includes date, time, amount, purpose and location
of the transaction
 * Basic error handling

Downloadlink for the ipk:

More features will come soon:
Currently I am implementing a settings dialog (to e.g. set the currency [at
the moment one has to edit a constant in the omoney file])
For more planned features look at the project's bug tracker.

>From a technical point of view OMoney uses:
 * python
 * python-ecore
 * python-evas
 * python-edje
 * python-etk (for entry and table widget)
 * python-sqlite3

What do I want from you?
 * Feedback:    Do you like the app or do you think the author has gone
round the bend?
        What could be improved?
        Features you would like to see?
        How could one display the history more efficiently?
 * Patches:    If you think a part of code is inefficient, too unflexible,
incomplete, buggy, etc
        feel free to contribute a patch.
        Be kind, this is my first application with GUI

I hope there are a few people who find this application useful.

The sources and the bugtracker are located here [2]

P.S.: Special thanks to Ainulindale for helping me with bitbake.
        And special thanks

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