Optimization team update (11/30 ~ 12/06)

Thomas Bumbl bumbl3x3 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 20:07:28 CET 2008

The problem is:
This is afaik not a fix but a workaround which costs battery power.
So I think there should be two kernels:
One with and one without this patch.

2008/12/7 John Lee <john_lee at openmoko.com>

> Dear Community,
> Team status update:
> As in
> http://lists.openmoko.org/pipermail/community/2008-December/036792.html
> (send/receive files via bluetooth in NEO), Erin keeps working on
> bluetooth.  Jeremy fixed some qtopia and location bugs, and will
> continue learning more about kernel.  The GTK redraw problem is fixed
> now (#1946) so Julian will be back to help with the Paroli edje files
> and keeps working on python.  Olv is having kernel fun now, but since
> it's gta03 related, you probably won't see him a lot on the public
> kernel list.  Tick mostly worked on opkg this week.  Basically there
> are two big issues:
> * Incorrect behavior: as Tick indicated on devel list, there are still
>  some logical error in opkg, which caused some problems during
>  upgrade.  That's why I have to use the -force-overwrite option in my
>  previous upgrade howto.
> * Efficiency: opkg is obviously not very efficient, both in memory and
>  in speed.
> Maybe we could expect another opkg release soon.
> Qtopia:
> OM is moving more focus to gta03 now, so my current resource for
> qtopia is fairly limited.  Currently the things I want to fix most
> are:
> * UCSD problem
> * Window focus (soft menu disappear, problems when multiple sms come
>  in, etc.)
> * Partial import of sim contacts.
> Please suggest if anything missing and I'll arrange my priorities.
> There are several good things worth mentioning last week:
> * The infamous WSOD (#1841) seems to be solved.  It's already in
>  testing repo.  Praise for all helped in this!
> * GTK redraw problem (#1946) solved along with similar problem in qt
>  with an illume patch.  Thanks, Raster!
> p.s.  It seems my last update might have created an impression that
> the only way to try the testing repo is to upgrade from Om2008.9.
> It's not true.  Another way is to flash directly from
> http://downloads.openmoko.org/daily/testing/
> if you don't mind reflash the phone.
> another p.s. Someone in OM kindly reminds me that my post can create
> inappropriate impressions, because although the logic is correct, the
> words and tongues might be misleading.  My native language is Chinese
> (and I'm a master of words and tongues in Chinese), so it's kind of
> difficult for me to enhance this.  All I can do is encouraging you to
> go ahead and ask if anything unclear, and keep in mind I'm a Taiwanese
> engineer when you read this. ;)
> Regards,
> John
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