messed everything mixing repositories?

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Sun Dec 7 21:00:44 CET 2008

hi all,

i've been trying to get a media player working on my new neo and after days trying everything possible and after just breaking my functional phone i've decided to post on the mailing list :)

i have openmoko-mediaplayer2 installed but no audio files are found (put them on /home/root/Documents, ogg and mp3). so i've been trying to install mplayer -i haven't found it on any repository until today: the angstrom rep. but i didn't change the 2008 with 2007 and i believe it has mixed now all packages and things are starting to break - opkg gives now a segfault and i've no gui anymore. what would be best to do now? things are getting more and more complicated and i just want to play music on my neo (everything else was working well). if possible i do not want anything experimental, just plain old stable packages

i'm using the following repositories:

src/gz daily-all
src/gz base
src/gz daily-armv4t
src/gz daily-neo1973
src/gz daily-om-gta02
src/gz scaredycat-all
src/gz scaredycat-armv4t
src/gz scaredycat-neo1973
src/gz scaredycat-om-gta01

i had to make some changes as stated on the wiki and force-remove gtk to upgrade. until i've added the 2008 angstrong repo everything was fine. where does this leave me now?

any help would be appreciated


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