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kris Occhipinti metalx2000 at
Sun Dec 7 21:27:54 CET 2008


I just got my Freerunner 4 days ago.
I flashed it to om2008.9
I was never able to get the GUI wifi manager to work.
So, I wrote my own this morning with python.
It's not the best and still needs some work.
But, it is far enough along that it works and I wanted to share it.
here is a link to the install
it works with WEP Encryption and non-encrypted wifi
haven't gotten to the wpa part yet and it doesn't tell you if the router is
Encrypted or not(that is my next goal.
install it, and it puts an icon on you're Freerunner's desktop
start it up and click refresh

Feed back would be great,
Just remember I've only been working on it today,
so go easy on me
I know it can still use a lot of work.
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