OMoney Milestone 1

Arigead captain.deadly at
Mon Dec 8 16:41:01 CET 2008

Thomas Bumbl wrote:

> What do I want from you?
>  * Feedback:    Do you like the app or do you think the author has gone
> round the bend?
>         What could be improved?
>         Features you would like to see?
>         How could one display the history more efficiently?
>  * Patches:    If you think a part of code is inefficient, too unflexible,
> incomplete, buggy, etc
>         feel free to contribute a patch.
>         Be kind, this is my first application with GUI

Firstly you beat me to it ;-) this was one of two apps that I wanted in 
my phone and I started on the other one so now I get to use yours for 
expenses. I've only just installed it in fso m4 but I'll have more 
detailed look at it later on this evening and get back to you on it.

In the mean time one thing that I'd really like is a smart phone, and 
I'd like your app to take advantage of the smarts. This is not really to 
do with your app as such but the FSO. I think it'd be as cool as if 
there was a project working on Context in the FSO and some app in which 
you could specify a new context based on gps coordinates, or wifi 
coverage, or whatever.

I'm dull as and there are only so many places that I eat lunch when I'm 
at work. Given that fact your app should not have to ask me where I'm 
spending money. If I'm at the same co-ordinates that I spent my money 
twice last week it should have a fair idea that I'm in the cafe by the 

I'd not like to look at the history on the phone as even on that great 
screen I think you're on a hiding to nothing ;-) Create an app that will 
sit on the desktop and display you history in any number of ways. Use 
the FR for inputing the data on the spot and maybe give a summary on the 
phone but allow the user to really interrogate the data on the desktop. 
Maybe I'm getting even more anal in my old age but for some reason I 
wanted to have the FR recording my expenses in the coming year so that 
at the end of 2009 I could simply query how much did I spend in coffee 
last year?

OK I AM getting more anal ;-)

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