messed everything mixing repositories?

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i've just noticed that, sorry.. i can find lots of images, just 2007.2 not. sad because it was working for me and i like it a lot more than the newer, slower and battery hungry 2008.10. i've seen non official images here: and here: i can choose between the 
"underground" series or "dev" among others, just not the f*** image that came with the neo preinstalled (lots of
dead links on the wiki). or i could try android -would be cool but probably slow and with missing features-. or 
debian, now that i'm happy not using it on my workstation anymore. excuse my frustration, the last thing i want 
is to start a flamewar. i just want a phone that makes calls and if possible that plays music, but do not have time 
to hack on it every day. there is a lot of information here, a bunch of distributions, each one with different
repositories and different bugs. i'm seeing that this is too complicated and i think 'll sell my 3 day old neo on 
ebay and wait 5 or 10 years before i buy a linux phone again because i really don't know what to do with it 
now that i can't restore what i've broken. i have linux on my desktop and that's the most important thing. next 
time i want to support a project like this one i'll just make a donation and wait until it's so fucking easy to use 
that i can give one to my grandma for christmas. well, that's a bit exaggerated but there is a limit, and if you
don't have enough time to hack on the device as it's needed to have it working, it's just as useless as a 
windows box in a linux convention

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> please, prefix the subject with your distribution!
> it's not only a matter of politeness but, with the plethora of  
> distributions available, a pure necessity to help people to help you!
> if you're still using 2007.2 flash something more recent -- 2007.2 is
> dead.
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