Newbie: Converting a brick to a phone

KaZeR kazer at
Tue Dec 9 09:46:09 CET 2008

Hi everyone.
I've used QTExtended quite a lot, here's my two cents :

>  * Calls to voicemail are working, like a real phone (didn't 
> try a real call with someone), keep in mind that you can hang 
> up with the power button if you leave the dialer

Thanks for this tip, i often hit 'back' instead of 'End' so i go back to the
home menu with the phone call still active..

>  * The phone wakes up when sleeping (when a call comes or a SMS comes)
>  * I really like the new handwriting input module, once you 
> know how to use it in a different language than english:
>  - draw a triangle (lower left -> lower right -> up -> lower 
> left), choose the lower-left choice to disable word recognition.
>  - draw some letters, if it doesn't recognize it, try the 
> next one with the good gesture (lower-left -> upper right -> 
> lower left) or choose from the list (double clockwise 
> circle)(this is most useful for letters with accents)
>  - insert special characters (double counter-clockwise 
> circle) Some characters (like "t" or "x" are a little hard to 
> draw, but skill improves over time, I'm now even capable of 
> drawing an "i" instead of "l" when I want to)

I learned the gesture from the settings/handwriting menu, because there was
a few letters that i couldn't guess how to draw.
I have to say that it's really efficient once you get used to it.

> The bad things:
>  * I get SMSes more than one time in the inbox, and there's 
> problems with SMSes in the trash
>  * Sometimes it's acting weirdly and I have to restart 
> QtExtended (it's faster than just rebooting), and sometimes 
> the phone think it's charging when it's not even plugged in 
> (so it doesn't sleep...)

This charging status bug is probably the biggest showstopper currently : if
you poweroff your phone or restart it, it won't be able to go into sleep
mode until you have plugged it once.. And your battery will die quite fast.

> The "I don't like" things:
>  * I don't really like the "kinetic" scrolling

The idea behind is very neat (it's more natural) but it's a bit too slow to
be actually useable

>  * Using a word file in my language would allow me to use the handwriting
more successfully
Given your name, i suspect that you are french. Have a look here :

For non-french readers,

>  * I think that my SD card (the one that came with the phone) 
> is broken, the phone can't recognize it, my laptop can't 
> either, and if it's plugged in, the SIM doesn't work
> The "more than just a phone" things:
>  * I don't really like the music player
>  * The GPS doesn't work

>  * I was not able to configure GPRS and MMS
I was able to configure gprs, and opkg update throught it.
Quick steps : configure from the settings/internet gui.
Then you need to correct the link /etc/resolv.conf, which points to
/etc/ppp/resolv.conf (erroneus).
Change it to -> /var/ppp/resolv.conf (grep in /etc/ppp to find the script
which makes the link) and you should be fine).
I also had to change the phone number in the ppp config file (you can't
change it from the gui).
Last tip, if your phone provider doesn't need a login/password, put '*' in
each field.

About mms : i had a talk with Lorn, and in fact there is currently no wap
browser. So, no mms.

> I'm back to my old phone now, but for me it's definitively 
> improving, I'm waiting for 4.4.3/4.4.4.


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