Optimization team update (11/30 ~ 12/06)

polz polz at aufbix.org
Tue Dec 9 14:17:27 CET 2008

On Tuesday 09 December 2008 13:52:13 Gothnet wrote:

> I know it's important for OM to keep moving forward, but really, focusing
> on gta03? Already?
Don't worry about it, the improvements will be back-ported.
> It's been a few months since GTA02 went GA and we still don't really have a
> working system, focusing most effort on GTA03 now seems to be an
> abandonment of freerunner owners.
The situation GTA02 users are in now is similar to the situation GTA01 users 
were in when GTA02 came out. If anything, the GTA02 users are better off since 
there are more Freerunners out there than there are Neo1973s.

Even if the people at Openmoko stop working on GTA02 completely and just 
create a stable, working rootfs for the phone, along with a reliable 
> With the software in the state it was when the 02 came out, I certainly
> won't be buying a 03 until OM proves it can actually make something that's
> a useful product rather than just a public alpha.
That's just common sense. If you want a working phone, just stick to the 
Freerunner, maybe try and help get it into a working state. Once the base 
system is working, you can always buy a GTA03 to get some new, faster, shinier 
> this goes double if the
> alpha product is essentially left for dead without ever being fully
> working.
Don't worry, the software on your phone is free, it'll stay supported as long 
as there's at least one user willing to keep building images/packages for it. 
You're likely to run out of replacement parts or break it unintentionally way 
before then.

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