geocaching with tangoGPS on FR

KaZeR kazer at
Tue Dec 9 20:11:49 CET 2008

drac2000 a écrit :
> I already tried it with my maps.. but not successfully through engine
> finding paths and all that ...
What version was it?
> Was it successful for you finding and routing?
Yes, but for France i'm using Reiseplanner maps (commercial, around 40e).
> What about speeching?
True, i'm not using it right now. Haven't tried much in fact.
> KaZeR wrote:
>> Some hints : 
>> - icon is broken in OM (fine in SHR), you need to copy
>> /usr/icon/icons/hicolor/128x128/navit.png to /usr/icon/pixmaps/navit.png 
>> - edit /usr/share/navit/navit.xml, uncomment the line gui="internal",
>> comment the line "gui=gtk". I also advise you to uncomment the lines which
>> enable zoomin and zoomout button on the osd, a few lines below.
>> Those 2 pitfalls should be fixed really soon.
> I will give that a try again
> (Even if I still have preference to tangoGps which has better GUI & design i
> think)
Have you tried the internal gui? It's really well suited for small 
touchscreens like the FR.
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