Funding Global Domination Mk II "The Console"

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Wed Dec 10 02:34:47 CET 2008

Sam Kuper wrote:
> 2008/12/10 <roguemoko at <mailto:roguemoko at>>
>     Potentially there could be some affiliation as I don't believe
>     there is any specific 'OpenWRT' router. Mmmmmm the OpenmokoWRT *drool*
> I may be veering OT here, but Buffalo sell/sold a router with DDWRT 
> pre-loaded.

There are a few 'preloaded' openwrt based routers and derivitives. There 
is no official router however and certainly none with persistent system 
time that I know of :)

Also, I'd say that openwrt or ddwrt was chosen to aquire an existing 
user base and to keep costs low while releasing a product capable of 
being configured by the least technical of end consumers.

I'd be more inclined to want something that I can customise and rebrand, 
rather than something already branded, or requiring me to rip out what 
is already in place for something else. I'd be willing to bet the 
specifications are similar to existing consumer routers that can already 
run openwrt aswell.

It is possible to create your own router with a routerboard ... but 
that's the space I'm suggesting to occupy, forget the software 
functionality (something om is pretty good at :P ... sorry ... bit 
harsh). It's more or less about choosing the best parts and hardware 
layout and config than it is about preloading openwrt. Sound familiar? :)


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