Optimization team update (11/30 ~ 12/06)

John Lee john_lee at openmoko.com
Wed Dec 10 08:15:15 CET 2008

On Tue, Dec 09, 2008 at 04:52:13AM -0800, Gothnet wrote:
> John Lee wrote:
> > 
> > Olv is having kernel fun now, but since it's gta03 related, you probably
> > won't see him a lot on the public kernel list.
> > 
> > ...
> > 
> > OM is moving more focus to gta03 now, so my current resource for qtopia is
> > fairly limited.
> > 
> I know it's important for OM to keep moving forward, but really, focusing on
> gta03? Already?
> It's been a few months since GTA02 went GA and we still don't really have a
> working system, focusing most effort on GTA03 now seems to be an abandonment
> of freerunner owners.
> With the software in the state it was when the 02 came out, I certainly
> won't be buying a 03 until OM proves it can actually make something that's a
> useful product rather than just a public alpha. this goes double if the
> alpha product is essentially left for dead without ever being fully working.

I shouldn't say gta03, I should say the next generation software we
are going to use.  Since people will switch to that software with
their freerunner (gta02), it makes more sense to put more resource
to work on that.  My writing wasn't accurate enough.  Sorry about that.

- John

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