No more optimization team

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Wed Dec 10 10:58:36 CET 2008

the optimization team finished their work a few weeks ago, most people  
were working on new tasks already.
I knew before I had to take the blame for expectations that got  
unprofessionally raised to a level where we could not deliver, and  
here I am now taking the blame.

Let me explain Openmoko's software strategy for the next 6 months:

---1 current stable image
Our current stable image is called 'Om2008.9', available at
We are sometimes cherry-picking fixes into it, but admittedly not as  
many as we would like. If someone wants to step up to become stable  
maintainer for this image and cherry-pick more fixes into it, please  
let me know.
Alternatively, a number of other images are available, Debian, Qt  
Extended, Android, FDOM, SHR, etc.
See for a more  
comprehensive list.

---2 Mickey's framework milestones
As many people know, the next big thing for Openmoko will be Mickey's  
FSO framework around d-bus and Python, and the Paroli telephony UI.  
A few weeks ago, Mickey released milestone 4, available at
In late January, he plans to come out with milestone 5, in late March  
with milestone 6.
See here for a more detailed roadmap:

---3 next major release, Om2009
After the next 2 FSO milestones, Openmoko will fork off a stable  
branch, and spend 2-3 months on testing and bug fixing. This will lead  
to our next major release, Om2009.
The telephony UI will be Paroli, see
The way things are going right now, we will probably have this release  
mid-next year.

That's about it. Lots of good stuff happening in that direction, most  
importantly I would mention the progress with our .28 kernel, improved  
wifi driver, some attempts at getting more out of the glamo chip,  
improved boot time, etc.
Yes, the Optimization team is gone, as part of a bigger company  
reorganization. Some people were laid off. Some new ones are being  
John did a great job, and I hope he stays around to continue his  
excellent work, for example to bring the optimization improvements up  
into so that more people can see the progress.

Best Regards,

On Dec 10, 2008, at 5:17 PM, David Reyes Samblas Martinez wrote:

> Steve, Sean, anybody more appropriate please clarify this ASAP, no
> more resources in optimization?????? crisis has arrive at least to
> Openmoko Inc.??? It not sounds any good :( :(
> 2008/12/10 John Lee <john_lee at>:
>> Dear community,
>> I'm writing this to inform you that the optimization team is
>> dismissed, so there won't be weekly updates anymore.  Further details
>> and reasons behind this are inappropriate to be answered by me.
>> Regards,
>> John
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