No more optimization team

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Wed Dec 10 11:13:01 CET 2008


> i am sure there will still be optimization, but without a dedicated
> team, so there won't be regular updates.

 From my perspective the updates weren't helpful anyway, I'd rather  
not talk and instead deliver.
The latest image, including all optimizations from the optimization  
team are in

We were testing this image a bit, haven't seen the full test report  
yet. More or less it will be the same as Om2008.9, the most noticeable  
improvement will be boot time reduction to about 1 minute.
Now the work in that branch ( is finished, and  
instead we will bring those fixes upstream into,  
benefitting many more users, first thing Mickey's FSO builds.
Two more FSO milestones over the next 4 months, with optimizations of  
course continuing everywhere in that time, then a fork into another  
major release branch.

ACTUALLY - speaking about all this - we are looking for a serious  
distribution maintainer. Someone who can do the exceptionally hard  
work of distribution integration, fixing bugs, small and large, from  
top to bottom of the stack, from UI to kernel, across many packages.  
Someone with a proven Free Software background.
Any applications just email me.

Best Regards,

On Dec 10, 2008, at 5:58 PM, Bernd Prünster wrote:

> the panic about where openmoko puts their efforts in...
> panic for NO REASON.
> sorry no offence but, i think it is because of the infacy of some  
> users,
> which can't hande information and start running around in circles
> screaming "fire, fire fire!".
> i am sure there will still be optimization, but without a dedicated
> team, so there won't be regular updates.
> that was ALL what johne lee said. so calm down, inform yourself.
> maybe i'm wrong, but i think i can put two and two together
>> Steve, Sean, anybody more appropriate please clarify this ASAP, no
>> more resources in optimization?????? crisis has arrive at least to
>> Openmoko Inc.??? It not sounds any good :( :(
>> 2008/12/10 John Lee <john_lee at>:
>>> Dear community,
>>> I'm writing this to inform you that the optimization team is
>>> dismissed, so there won't be weekly updates anymore.  Further  
>>> details
>>> and reasons behind this are inappropriate to be answered by me.
>>> Regards,
>>> John
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