No more optimization team

arne anka openmoko at
Wed Dec 10 11:29:08 CET 2008

> sorry no offence but, i think it is because of the infacy of some users,
> which can't hande information and start running around in circles
> screaming "fire, fire fire!".

sentences like these

>>> dismissed, so there won't be weekly updates anymore.  Further details
>>> and reasons behind this are inappropriate to be answered by me.

and then

> Some people were laid off. Some new ones are being hired.

are not likely to inspire confidence (and, imho, they rather sound like  
there's more to it then just the already expected and scheduled end of  
team ...).
i clearly remember the long and heated debates about the wrench issue (see  
the archives) and the communication from om being ... worthy of  

the same thing applies here: some clear message in the lines of
- optimization team reached its intended goals
- conclusion what the were exactly and how they were reached
- that the members of the team are working on other tasks now
- a statement that optimization as such is of course ongoing on all fields

would be highly appreciated and, imho, more professional.

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