No more optimization team

Timo Juhani Lindfors timo.lindfors at
Wed Dec 10 11:53:18 CET 2008

Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> writes:
> ---2 Mickey's framework milestones
> As many people know, the next big thing for Openmoko will be Mickey's  
> FSO framework around d-bus and Python, and the Paroli telephony UI.  

Thank you very much for this overview of strategy.

I have used fso-frameworkd according to my backups since at least
2008-08-23 and to me using it sounds like a good idea. I hope that
different subsystems of fso-frameworkd won't rely too much on each
other (so that it is possible to answer a call without having the
daemon control your display backlight at the same time for example
(hypothetical example)).

However, I am bit puzzled about building on top of a new graphical
toolkit (EFL).  Wouldn't we avoid many problems by using established
toolkits like QT or GTK+? The UI is supposed to be light so it should
be easy to port it to EFL later if there is need? Just like we are
prototyping in python and we can later move to C/Vala if needed.

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