No more optimization team

Andreas Fischer cyberfrag at
Wed Dec 10 11:52:01 CET 2008

Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> Bernd,
>> i am sure there will still be optimization, but without a dedicated
>> team, so there won't be regular updates.
> Correct.
>  From my perspective the updates weren't helpful anyway, I'd rather  
> not talk and instead deliver.

Hi Wolfgang,

I tend to disagree here. IMHO good communication with the community is
an important thing to have - and the community updates did that very
well. From a user point of view it was very encouraging to read these
reports. They told me two things:
a) People at OM are working on important issues. Without telling the
community that work would have been invisible.
b) They gave an approximation of what to expect in an update to testing
or in the next stable release.

There certainly is some value in status updates. Without them you risk
that important fixes will go unnoticed and users get the impression that
improvement is too slow.

Apart from that, thanks for your update. It's sad to hear that the next
stable release is still half a year away, but I'd rather have that news
now and actually I'm even more excited now about FSO :)

Just a few more questions to make things clear:

As I see the situation, OM2008.9 will remain the official stable release
until the switch to FSO around mid next year. Testing has some updates
but will not culminate eventually into a stable release and will remain
without further updates from now on. Is that correct?
Will there be an upgrade path from OM2008.9 to OM2009 or will the
upgrade require reflashing?
If there won't be an upgrade path, will there be an upgrade path from
FSO instead? Would it be an advantage for adventurous users to switch to
FSO earlier to have a smooth update mid next year?

Finally, I'm sorry for those who have been laid off. The good work that
has been done by all of you really shows. Nifty phones like the iPhone
or Android may be more functional, but you provided me with a phone that
is completely programmable - and that makes for a lot more potential.
Thank you for that.


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