openmoko as a ipv6 router - was Funding Global Domination Mk II "The Console"

Andreas Fischer cyberfrag at
Wed Dec 10 15:08:34 CET 2008

Marc Manthey wrote:
> Am 10.12.2008 um 14:52 schrieb Andreas Fischer:
>> Marc Manthey wrote:
>>> Guess  "avahi-discover-standalone" might be enough for browsing  IMHO ?
>> I suppose the dns-sd command you gave me should return info on all FTP
>> services within the domain. I dabbled with avahi some time
>> ago and if I remember correctly the command you are searching for is
>> avahi-browse (which is included in the avahi-utils package). You'll
>> easily find a manpage for it on the net. avahi-discover does the same
>> thing, but with a GUI. I'm not sure about the functionality of the
>> libraries, but I suppose you could also use either them or the avahi
>> DBUS interface to achieve whatever you want (probably more efficient
>> than doing everything on the commandline).
> ok, lemme get more into details
> i want to use " bonjour " or "avahi" for my project BUT
> Avahi does not implement this functionallity yet,
> ------------------
> On Linux (at least on Debian), you need the mDNSResponder package
> provided by
> Apple on the Bonjour downloads page.  Unfortunately,  Avahi_doesn't_yet
> implement_all_of_the_API_functions_you will need !!!
> --
> SO i have two choices, use apple OR implement it into
> avahi, but there is no interest from the avahi developer site
> so i am not sure what todo right now.

Ok, this seems to be way beyond my expertise. So - I'm sorry, I can't
help you decide this.


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