[Android] Converting a brick into a phone

Jurg van Vliet jurg at truthtrap.com
Wed Dec 10 16:17:26 CET 2008


i tend to agree with Rui as well. i understand it is difficult to  
'kill your darlings' but what is the (business) sense to have '8  
distributions for 10.000 phones'? (the only reason i can think of is  
some innovative user interface, and not one of the current  
distributions has anything interesting to offer, including android.)

but, i am a happy openmoko customer proudly showing off, my phone is  
not bricking away. and even though i still have to put it 'to sleep'  
on my router to avoid a WSOD it is my daily phone. i am a happy qt  
extended user stalking sean for a working android image. sometimes i  
have my hopes up and flash to something else (yesterday it was SHR)  
but i usually 'flash back' to qt extended within half an hour.

so, imho, you can do whatever you want. but if you pull your resources  
and help sean get android-on-freerunner 'to market' quickly you will  
sell some more bricks. (because the brick is really really great!)


On Dec 10, 2008, at 4:03 PM, Giorgio Marci wrote:

> I'm completly agree with Rui.
> The fact is that today, after several months, we have a phone that  
> is not (yet) fully working.
> As my experience i tried all the distributions and the better one  
> (in my very personal opinion) is the SHR
> that (unfortunately) doesn't include a phone calls manager, an sms  
> manager (a decent one), a profile
> configurator (ring tone, and other stuffs) and a lot of other  
> things..they are following the right way,
>  but they need time and in the meanwhile our phones are fully of  
> dust!!
> There is the necessity to focus our effort in the development of a  
> distribution that could
> be usable (i.e. android) in order to have (finally) a fully working  
> daily phone!!
> This is the priority.
> I don't have expercience with low level programming, but i know java  
> as well and
> if i could i'd like to help to achieve this goal as soon as possible.
> Giorgio
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> From: "Rui Castro"
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> Subject: [Android] Converting a brick into a phone
> Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 13:58:43 +0000
> Hi,
> Like many people in this community I have my Neo resting comfortably
> in my desk because there isn't a stable OS with the basic phone
> funcionalities available at the moment (I already tried all the
> distributions available). Some distributions provide some of the basic
> stuff, but they're not reliable in many ways.
> Today I read a message from Wolfgang Spraul in the thread about the
> end of the Optimization Team that got me worried "The way things are
> going right now, we will probably have this release mid-next year.".
> Well, I think this is very bad. Electronic equipment, like
> phones/computers, become outdated in a very short period of time
> (GTA03 is already being created). By the mid-next year Neo will be
> pretty much an old phone and nobody really used it, yet.
> I think Android is the best candidate to turn the Neo into a daily
> usable phone right away. It has all the basic (and not so basic)
> applications, it has a good usability, good looks and the number of
> users/applications will grow very rapidly in the next months, I
> think.
> The current state of the Android port for Neo is already very
> encoraging and with a little effort from the community (and Openmoko
> people) Android could be fully functional in the Freerunner in a
> couple of weeks.
> Sean McNeil has been doing a great work, but as I see it, he is
> basically the only one working on the low level problems. My personal
> experience is more at the application level (Java), but with a little
> guidance I'm willing to help in any way.
> What I would like to see is some sort of list of things to do and how
> could the people from the community help doing them.
> I don't have much experience with open-souce projects, maybe I'm the
> only one that doesn't know how to help. If this is the case, please
> forgive this message :)
> Best regards,
> Rui
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