OMoney Milestone 1

Thomas Bumbl bumbl3x3 at
Wed Dec 10 16:46:47 CET 2008

Thank you for your replies.
First question would be:
why the hell is this thread mixed up with anotherone at nabble?

I have planned in location awareness (the database includes a field
for gps coords)
All location based features will come later though
Other stuff has higher priority (delete/modify history; settings; clean up code)
>I'd not like to look at the history on the phone as even on that great
>screen I think you're on a hiding to nothing

@KaZer: feel free to add it

I know, but I am willing to take that challange as this is a feature
I'd like to see
A desktop client would be nice too though

@Tony Berth:
please post the log and which rootfs you use
everything works fine here

@all: omoney should be available over the shr repo
so just opkg install omoney when you are on shr

2008/12/10, Tony Berth <tonyberth at>:
> On Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 7:30 PM, Thomas Bumbl <bumbl3x3 at> wrote:
>> I'd like to announce the initial release of OMoney!
>> OMoney ... bookkeeping on the go.
>> One might ask, why the hell do we need a bookkeeping software on a phone?
>> Because my experience shows that if one does not record the gains and
>> expenses one forgets half of them.
>> And ... Because we can.
>> As OMoney is one of those "release early, release often programs"
>> milestone 1 at the moment includes "only" the following corefeatures:
>>  * Displays the current available amount of money
>>  * One can do transactions to add and deduce money
>>     * Automatic keyboard call
>>  * A history table which includes date, time, amount, purpose and location
>> of the transaction
>>  * Basic error handling
>> Downloadlink for the ipk:
>> [1]
>> More features will come soon:
>> Currently I am implementing a settings dialog (to e.g. set the currency
>> [at
>> the moment one has to edit a constant in the omoney file])
>> For more planned features look at the project's bug tracker.
>> From a technical point of view OMoney uses:
>>  * python
>>  * python-ecore
>>  * python-evas
>>  * python-edje
>>  * python-etk (for entry and table widget)
>>  * python-sqlite3
>> What do I want from you?
>>  * Feedback:    Do you like the app or do you think the author has gone
>> round the bend?
>>         What could be improved?
>>         Features you would like to see?
>>         How could one display the history more efficiently?
>>  * Patches:    If you think a part of code is inefficient, too unflexible,
>> incomplete, buggy, etc
>>         feel free to contribute a patch.
>>         Be kind, this is my first application with GUI
>> I hope there are a few people who find this application useful.
>> The sources and the bugtracker are located here [2]
>> P.S.: Special thanks to Ainulindale for helping me with bitbake.
>>         And special thanks
>> [1]
>> [2]
> Hi I did install it , rebboted FR but when I tried to run I got an
> 'Application Error' dialog!
> Thanks
> Tony

mfg Bumbl

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