[Android] Converting a brick into a phone

Michel michel at xternal.nl
Wed Dec 10 16:48:10 CET 2008

Andreas Fischer wrote:


> I'm sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but I am a bit confused by people
> constantly complaining: Either you have a completely different phone or
> you came here with the wrong expectations. To me at least it was clear
> when I got the phone that it wouldn't be "userfriendly" at least until
> Q1/2009 (which seems to be a good guess now, seeing the release plan of
> FSO).

At this moment there is only one thing that I (and a lot of other
FreeRunner owners) need to get resolved and that is the infamous Buzz
when a call is made. I, and I believe my fellow Buzz sufferers also, at
this moment couldn't care less about an (software) optimization team
existing or not if we can't use the phone for its core function, namely
placing a call. This should be the number one priority and needs to be

As you state above, I too think that either different hardware was
distributed by OpenMoko or there is a big difference in SIM cards issued
by the providers. Maybe we could have a page on the wiki where people
can tell in which country they are, which provider and if they have the
buzz bug or not.

Yes I know the phone won't be user friendly for a while. I knew that the
 day I ordered my OpenMoko. But after the Neo 1973 testing in factory
and by developers and the testing of the FreeRunner before we could
order and now there is this basic function of a phone that doesn't work.
You see, I don't mention the GPS problem that was first discovered
because that is not a basic phone function.

Yes there are several soldering hacks around, but not one is official.
Also there is still no statement how this will be resolved, warranty wise.

So, untill I can use my phone as a phone it is a brick. I can load lots
of nice distro's on it, even Android, but still I can't use it as a phone.

I'm pro FSO let that be understood, and like Zhone which should never
leave :) But lets put a team on getting a working phone part on the
phone first. And get a software distro in the new year after this is solved.

Or, and that needs to cleared up maybe, why do some people have the buzz
and others don't, even when they use the same hardware. The only
difference is the sim card, I guess.

Okay, I'll stop rambling.

> Regards,
> Andreas

Kind Regards,

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