My 2 cent

drac2000 drac2000 at
Wed Dec 10 19:23:47 CET 2008

I was watching the FR since 2 years almost, I was runing crazy (checking the
home page 3 times a day) until I got my first FR in August

I am a very proud FR owner, and beeing part of the comunity.

arne anka wrote:
> the buzzing issue is _technically_ solved.
> the cause has been found a long while ago.
> fixes where tested and brought down to a fix that _could_ be done by users  

I am using FR (qtextended) as my daily phone, even living with the real
issue that bother me which is the buzzing
beside that I can have 2 distros installed (or more) on my FR and play with
all stuff in it
It is amazing device, with amazing developers working on it, and i can't
wait to start contributing on high level programing

I will just like that the OM works on the hardware/firmware issues, and make
all the OM team focus on those issue (buzz and echo). And then, when it gets
to OS / software I'm really not anxious cause there will be a lot of

So my 2 cens is FOCUS ON THE HARDWARE/FIRMWARE issues, and find convenient
fixes scenarios for GTAx. And then Let's Go Go go...

Long Live to the FR :drunk:

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