Get rid of the Buzz Re: [Android] Converting a brick into a phone

Michel michel at
Wed Dec 10 20:22:15 CET 2008

arne anka wrote:


> i wish, you guys would check archives and wiki before posting this stuff.

Maybe you should read my message a bit better before replying. :)

> the buzzing issue is _technically_ solved.
> the cause has been found a long while ago.
> fixes where tested and brought down to a fix that _could_ be done by users  
> in the field (there were several posting regarding this _today_!)
> the fix as such is not yet external tested and therefore not yet official
> my understanding re warranty has always been that om states terms when a  
> fix is published

You just state what I already stated, that there is an "unofficial" fix
but not an official one, so I have been reading the archives.

I say in my e-mail "Yes there are several soldering hacks around, but
not one is official."

And I know that OM will come with a warranty statement only when the fix
becomes official. I would just like that the optimization team (or the
resources provided to them) get focused towards getting the FreeRunner
to do what it should do from the moment it leaves the factory, placing a
normal phone call.

It was my response to the whole distro/android discussion that the focus
should be on getting a working phone part, the software already has
proven itself on that front, now it's time for the hardware.

I haven't seen much discussion (or I could be wrong and really don't
read the archives) why one person has no problem with a buzz and the
other with the same phone does have this problem.

Kind regards,

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