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Thu Dec 11 00:13:32 CET 2008

KaZeR wrote:
> drac2000 wrote:
>> I already tried it with my maps.. but not successfully through engine
>> finding paths and all that ...
> What version was it?
>> Was it successful for you finding and routing?
> Yes, but for France i'm using Reiseplanner maps (commercial, around 40e).

I'm using these too. Btw there's a bug: it's hard to get find a location
that has a space in the name (like "Mont Saint Michel", for example :P).
Some weeks ago I looked at the sources founding that this is not due to
navit itself, but to the Reiseplanner maps that simply have an index of
cities based on a kind of keywords (for the example above, there are
three different keys for "Mont", "Saint" and "Michel") that then
redirect to the index of the city in the map file.
So maybe the mg plugin should check the words not by searching the
complete string put by the user, but repeating the search for each word
and then comparing the results showing only the results that matches
every word written (I know, I should fill a bug :P).

Using the internal gui, btw, there's another problem. There's no default
country set as stated by the log:
> gui_internal:gui_internal_search_list_set_default_country:warning:
> no default country found

> Have you tried the internal gui? It's really well suited for small
> touchscreens like the FR.

I've tried it. Using the old packages you made it was too little, but
now it's ok, also if the action menu should be shown a little better
when using the phone in landscape mode (as I generally do when navigating).

Ah, using the gtk inteface, the text added in the Destination dialog
should be trimmed, since the embedded keyboards (based on dictionaries)
tend to add an extra space after a word.

I've to say that the newer package you made is really faster when
loading my maps on launch, also if it doesn't seem to include the fix
posted months ago here (to redraw the map only after each drag as
TangoGPS does) and it doesn't include a wrapper script with:
 echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory

Finally I've seen this screenshot [1] in scap, is this an EFL
implementation of Navit? It seems to use the enlightenment toolkit both
for the buttons and for the map rendering (better than the GPS from what
I can see there). Have you some informations about this shot? :P

Anyway thanks for the work done in Navit, it's really a great project!


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