No more optimization team

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Thu Dec 11 00:32:14 CET 2008

The goal of the optimization team was getting us a workable phone. I've
installed the testing version yesterday and run into a lot of issues (echo,
buzz, not able to wake up)

I love the idea of this phone, the openness, the capabilities, but my
patience has been stretched beyond tolerance. I have waited more than 2
years for an open phone. Now I have one, I can't use it and I will probably
have to wait another half year before the phone will be able to do what any
basic phone should be capable of.

It is frustrating to see the appearance of great phones like HTC touch or
even an iPhone that can do not only basic stuff, but also have the fun part
from day one.
Android phones are starting to appear. The HTC G1 is not available yet (in
the Netherlands), but will be soon. It might not be as open as Openmoko, but
it works, has got great features and it is open enough for me..
I'm really dissapointed, it feels like losing a bit of faith in a good

If anyone in the Netherlands is interested in buying my Freerunner please
contact me. I'm not a good advocate for the movement anymore, it will
probably will be better if someone with a fresh attitude owns it.
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