Al Johnson openmoko at
Thu Dec 11 01:00:14 CET 2008

On Wednesday 10 December 2008, Clemens Dörrhöfer wrote:
> Marcel wrote:
> > Am Wednesday 10 December 2008 21:23:06 schrieb Clemens Dörrhöfer:
> >> Is there any useful Information in the net, which tells me a little
> >> something about the big mistery ALSA on openmoko? After installing the
> >> pymixer I can no longer use my moko as phone because I neither have
> >> sound nor microfone. All information I find about this topic is more or
> >> less useless.
> >
> > Did pymixer maybe simply minimize some relevant controls?
> I am trying to find out what the relevant controls are and how I need to
> adjust them to be able to use the moko as phone. The states are still a
> little confusing for me. At least some alsa settings seem to change when
> I start the dialer and begin a call.

See timo's post for the relevant wiki pages. They describe what each state 
file does, which alsa channels change important volume settings in them, and 
which package contains them so that you can reinstall the package to get back 
to defaults.

When you start or end a call the dialler app will switch state files. At rest 
you will probably be using stereoout.state so that when the phone rings the 
sound will go to the speaker. When you answer the call it will switch to 
gsmhandset.state, or perhaps gsmheadset.state if you have the headset plugged 
in. pymixer will reflect the changes in the settings made by loading a new 
state file.

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