No more optimization team

David Garabana Barro david at
Thu Dec 11 11:28:43 CET 2008

On Thursday 11 December 2008 10:55:35 arne anka wrote:

> sorry, but i fail to understand how this relates to the question of power
> consumption.
> and doesn't shr use fso as well?

Sorry, I'm not explaying myself...

#1024 is annoying me a lot for two reasons

1) If I want to receive calls with phone suspended, I have only one option: 
As SHR is based in FSO, I suppose you're right, FSO should also work. But only 
SHR works "out of the box". I have tried FSO M4, but I haven't tried to force 
calypso to never deep sleep.

2) Not deep sleeping, power consumption is not optimal. I know continuously 
reconnecting consumes more power, but we're consuming more than necessary. 
And my battery lifetime is not the best in the world ;)

I can live without PIM, without calendar, even without Doom ;), but I do need 
GSM telephony for my work.
Having this bug solved, probably I could use FR as daily phone, and be more 
active on community. I think a lot other people are on the same situation as 

But, as you can read on Steve Mosher's answer, there is one person actively 
working on this bug. Great news!

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